Monday, June 24, 2013

Review Sweet Tea At Sunrise by: Sherryl Woods

Title: Sweet Tea At Sunrise
Author: Sherryl Woods
Publisher: Harlequin
Pages: 400
Series: The Sweet Magnolias #6
Format: ebook
Purchase: Barnes & Noble | Amazon


Emotionally wounded single mom Sarah Price has come home to Serenity, South Carolina, for a fresh start. With support from her two best friends—the newest generation of the Sweet Magnolias—she can face any crisis.But sometimes a woman needs more than even treasured friends can provide. Sexy Travis McDonald may be exactly what Sarah's battered self-confidence requires. The newcomer is intent on getting Sarah to work at his fledgling radio station…and maybe into his bed, as well.

Sarah has learned not to trust sweet words. She'll measure the man by his actions. Is Travis the one to heal her heart? Or will he break it again?

My Thoughts: 

Sarah Price was brought in during Home In Carolina where she got sent to Serenity to fix herself her husband Walter and his parents were quiet a pair.  We find out now that Sarah's divorced and raising her two kids, when a stranger shows up in Wharton's a local diner.  Sarah can't quite figure him out!

Travis the ex-ballplayer is looking for something to do to improve the community that his cousin Tom live in and decides to rebuild a radio station in town to bring music and news to the town.  He also has his eyes set on Sarah who he thinks is beautiful regardless of what her jerk of an ex-husband thinks.  But unfortunately in a place like Serenity the mouths wag very quickly!

Sarah also has to come to terms with the fact that her ex-husband caused her lots of psychological abuse he may not hit her but insults work just as hard and she has a hard time believing what Travis tells her even though deep down she knows he's right, she's just scared. 

This is what I enjoy about this series the things the women overcome to move past the problems in their life and head towards a positive direction with the men they love.  It's a refreshing change to see women dealing with real changes and how they handle them.

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