Friday, March 8, 2013

The Ghost, The Rat and Me by: Robyn Gioia

Title: The Ghost, The Rat and Me
Author: Robyn Gioia
Publisher: Winking Owl Publications
Pages: 110
Series: Episode One
Format: ebook
Source: NetGalley


"Things aren’t the same when your best friend dies in a car accident. But when your best friend, Temple, comes back as a ghost to help you solve a case, life definitely becomes better. You’ll love him. He’s a funny, opinionated, cool nerd who doesn’t quite have the hang of being a ghost. When I, Campbell (Bell) Olson, decided to run for eighth-grade president, I didn’t expect my opponent to be Will Tuffy, the most obnoxious boy at school. I especially didn’t expect the race to start with a dead rat on my doorstep! That was the easy part. From there, things got worse and my case went from being a mystery, to a dangerous trail of clues. This is my tale of the ghost, the rat, and me.?" Campbell Olson

My Thoughts: 

This was an interesting spin on mystery and paranormal.  When Bell finds out she is running for 8th grade president she is fighting a popular boy in school Will Tuffy.  To help her battle is her dead best friend Temple who has found a way to come back to Bell and help her.  The only problem is like most situations Temple can't impact her future no matter how much he wants to help her he is limited in his capacity.

It was fun to read that era of childhood and enjoy the angst that kids go through.  Trying to figure out the bad stuff and keep it clean.  Really a great young readers book!
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