Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Good Bye To Networked Blogs Follow

I know many are wondering what I mean.  What do you mean good bye is it going away?

No not really I'm just not going to use it anymore I'm really sick of Facebook and how little I use it.  Mainly to promote a link to something but otherwise I don't use it.  Why you ask?  Cause I'm sick of how it's like a glorified school yard.  Authors I like I can check out their websites or twitter links.  I'm just sick of how Facebook keeps changing and it's filled mainly with useless crap that I don't need.  

So you can either follow me via Twitter, Goodreads, my rss feed, LinkedIn, Google+, and I'm also on Skype as well.  I'm just not much into Facebook and don't need the hassel of it. 

That is all for now that I'm changing.  Hopefully you all can follow me other ways.  I'd still love to have you check out my blog and our reviews, giveaways etc that we offer.

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