Sunday, March 24, 2013

My Planet by: Mary Roach

Title: My Planet
Author: Mary Roach
Publisher: Reader's Digest
Pages: 191
Format: Paperback
Source: FSB Media


Follow New York Times bestselling author Mary Roach -- but be careful not to trip -- as she weaves through personal anecdotes and everyday musings riddled with her uncanny wit and amazingly analytical eye. These essays, which found a well-deserved home within the pages of Reader's Digest as the column "My Planet," detail the inner workings of hypochondriacs, hoarders, and compulsive cheapskates. (Did we mention neurotic interior designers and professional list-makers?) For Roach, humor is hidden in the most unlikely places, which means that nothing is off limits. Whether she is dwelling on her age or talking about the pros and cons of a bedroom night light -- "A married couple can best be defined as a unit of people whose sleep habits are carefully engineered to keep each other awake" -- Roach finds a lesson, a slice of sarcasm, or a dash of something special that makes each day comical and absolutely priceless.

In keeping with our mission -- curating the best reads in the land -- Reader's Digest editors neatly packaged these timeless (and hilarious) Roach essays together for the first time. Whether you read this cover-to-cover or during spare moments over morning coffee, flip to a page in this volume and try not to smile.

My Thoughts: 

This book was sent to me from FSB Media for a honest and fair review.  This book is hilarious.  Things you will find in this book is discussions on the Roomba, Valentine's Day, Costco, family get togethers. I really enjoyed this book and found it incredibly hilarious getting a severe case of the giggles will reading it.  I would definitely read more books like this one!  Definitely a keeper!
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