Sunday, March 3, 2013

The Diva Takes The Cake by: Krista Davis

Title: The Diva Takes The Cake
Author: Krista Davis
Publisher: Berkley Prime Crime
Pages: 309
Series: Domestic Diva Mystery #2


Some Wedding Advice from the Domestic Diva: Keeep the food....Lose the Groom!

Sophie Winston's sister, Hannah, is getting married-again! And if you ask Sophie, her future brother-in-law is no prince. But is he a killer? That's the question on everyone's mind when his ex-wife is found hanging from a pergola. This is one event Sophie and her sister hadn't planned on.

As hidden family secrets begin to come to light, Sophie finds the list of suspects is almost as long as the list of wedding guests. Will the real killer be seated on the groom's side or the bride's? Or will he be standing at the altar? Either way, Sophie must solve the murder in time to stop her sister from making the biggest-and possibly the last-mistake of her life.

My Thoughts:

What a wild ride that Krista Davis takes us on with Sophie Winston who is preparing for her sister's upcoming wedding.  Everyone is helping get ready for the wedding of Hannah and Craig.  When the groom's ex-wife shows up and winds up dead in Natasha's backyard, there are no short list of suspects everyone from the groom to Hannah's ex-husband Tucker.

On other news the Diva Natasha starts to wonder if her boyfriend Mars, Sophie's ex-husband is cozying up to his ex-wife and starts using all sorts of things to wine and dine him.  She even harasses Wolf the detective Sophie has a thing for.  Which creates more broken eggs.  What a great book, I especially was interested in the diamond transfer turned into a diamond heist. What a great mystery book with so much going on.
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