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Book Spotlight: A Wife for Stephen by: Valcine Brown

A Wife for Stephen
Valcine Brown

About the Author:

Valcine has always loved reading romantic fiction, mythical fiction, science fiction, classic literature, and poetry. She graduated from California State University of San Bernardino with her BA in English Literature and obtained a single subject teacher credential to teach Secondary English Language Arts. Valcine started LaChrisAnd Productions in 2004 with the intent to publish her own books and eventually expand to helping other authors achieve their goals of sharing their literary talents. She lives in Coachella Valley California with her three children after whom she named her publishing company.

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Title: A Wife for Stephen 
Genre: Christian Romance
Publisher: LaChrisAnd Productions
Release Date: June 25, 2013


Do you believe that when you meet your future spouse that you will know it, instantly? 
Stephen does. He can’t explain it but he has always known that when he meets his intended 
bride that he will be able to proceed with confidence. What he hadn’t counted on is that his intended bride might not have the same revelation. Will his faith and belief in love win Celeste over? Will she even give him the time of day? After Celeste’s initial rebuff of Stephen’s attempt to get to know her, he’s not so sure. "Faith like a mustard seed,” Stephen reminds himself.Celeste had never given consideration to happily ever after or eternal love. Outside of the love she experiences from her Heavenly Father, she gives love no second thoughts. When smooth, suave, and handsome Stephen enters into Celeste’s life, without batting an eyelash or giving him a second thought, Celeste dismisses him as a philandering womanizer and refuses to be the next notch in his bedpost. Is Celeste wrong? Has she completely misjudged Stephen? Even worst, has she allowed her parent’s divorce to askew her psychology of relationships? 

Will Stephen get the girl? Will Celeste run faster than Stephen can chase? Will there be A Wife 
for Stephen?

Sneak Peek:

Celeste decides to ask him question in order to make the time fly by faster and get her 
mind of the fact that they slow dancing together. “So,” Celeste begins but falters because she 
doesn’t know what to ask. Quickly she thinks of something, “What are your long term plans? I 
mean, do you want to perform all of your life or do you want to get more into producing?”

“To tell you the truth,” Stephen begins, weighing his words very carefully. “Actually, I 
want to be a family man. Of course, I always want to be a part of the music industry. I actually 
want to start a Christian music label, but having a family is something that is very important to 
me. You know, a wife, a few kids, maybe even a dog.”

“So, you want to get married?”

“Well, that is not how I planned for the question to be asked because I wanted to be the 
one to ask you in a romantic, more traditional way. But, since the offer has been placed on the 
table… I accept.”

Celeste can’t help but smile and laugh. What a very good way to lighten the mood, with 
laughter, she thinks to herself. She gives him credit for that one.

“I’m serious. I want to marry you,” Stephen says as he brings the dancing to halt but 
continues to hold Celeste very closely.

Well, should I tell him that I know what kind of game he is playing and that I am not 
buying it one bit? Or I can play along allowing him to think that I am falling for it and torpedo his 
load of bologna when I leave this club alone. Smiling the grin of the Cheshire cat who has just 
ate the fattest canary she has ever seen in her entire life, she opts for the latter, “Of course I’ll 
marry you, Stephen." What date would be good for you?”

“How about this week? I have it free and clear. We’re not touring and I planned on 
visiting my family back in Philadelphia but I’m sure that Mom won’t mind me bringing along my 
beautiful new wife and the future mother of my children. So, how about it?”
Man, he is good, mentioning his mother and all. Did the women he usually met actually 
fall for this kind of malarkey? Well, I’ll show him. Smiling up at him she says, “That’ll be great. Of 
course I don’t have the week off from work but I am sure that my boss would not dream of 
interfering with the wedding plans of the future Mrs. Stephen Haul.”

Clearly, she thinks that I am joking, are Stephen’s thoughts to himself, for it’s written all 
over her face. I don’t blame her. We have only met a few hours ago. But I know with every fiber 
of my being that she is the one that God has intended for me. And I’m sure that given a little 
time, Celeste will come to know just how right we are for one another. 

Stephen can’t actually believe that he just proposed marriage to Celeste on one of the 
dance floors of Four Aces. However, now that the words are out he feels that they make perfect 
since so he runs with it. “Why don’t we go to your house, pack some clothes, and head for Las 
Vegas tonight? I admit, I never would have imagined getting married in Vegas. As I am equally 
sure that is not what you had in mind for yourself either. The only thing I want to do is make you 
my wife as soon as possible. If you like, we can have a second wedding with all the trimmings, 
family, friends, flower girls, you name, and it will all be yours. For now, I just want you.”

“All right, Stephen. I’ve had enough,” Celeste begins, as she disentangles her arms from 
about Stephen’s neck. “Did you really think that I was falling for that line of bologna you were 
trying to feed me?” Celeste asks. Not giving him a chance to finish she rushes on, “You 
probably do. I can’t believe that actually works on women. But I guess some women will fall for 
anything, or any body, with enough money.”


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