Monday, November 21, 2016

Review: Yankee Tenacity by: Jocie McKade

Title: Yankee Tenacity
Author: Jocie McKade
Publisher: Wrench & Quill
Series: A Mason Dixon Mystery #2
Pages: 229
Format: e-book
Source: GEBT


Following the latest cryptic message that might lead them to the truth about their parents, Emme Mayson and Jackie Dickson are pulled into another murder investigation when a man dressed in a kilt falls from the sky onto their truck. 

As if a dead body isn't enough, FBI Special Agent Chris Meechum and sexy caretaker Sam Fender try to rein in their sleuthing, but the sisters are determined to solve this murder. Men in kilts, Renaissance Faires, and a few mobsters in all the wrong places complicate the case. 

Emme Mayson is a Southern charmer from Alabama. Jackie Dickson is a straight-forward professional from Boston, they aren't exactly a match made in heaven. The only thing keeping them from starting another war between the states is the mystery surrounding their parents, and their own lives. 

Mayson-Dickson - Northern logic, Southern charm, and murder! 

My Thoughts:

This book follows sisters Emme Mayson and Jackie Dickson who are still trying to find out the truth about their parents but right away they find a dead body as one crahes into their truck dressed in a kilt.  Add to this the fact that there seems to be alot of mystery behind this guy who killed him and why?

I love this series as the two sisters are independent and are still getting use to one another without killing on another, and finding out what their parents were into.  Then adding the Special Agent into the mix who keeps covering for the girls and intrique definitely follows!   Can't wait to see what is next with these girls and where it will lead them!

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