Sunday, November 27, 2016

Blog Anniversary Day 7: Julie Seedorf

Guest Post: Julie Seedorf
I would like to thank Paula for letting me express my thoughts on her blog today.

I have two blogs, a Facebook Author account, a Twitter account, a Linked In account, an Instagram account and a Pinterest account. I belong to numerous reader groups, so I can tell readers about my books. I am signed up on other websites that promote my books. The list is endless, but I find the blog a critical key to reaching out to others as an author both by my blogs and being a guest on other's blogs.

I didn't know much about blogging when I signed my contract with Cozy Cat Press in 2012. The first book in my Fuchsia Minnesota Cozy Mystery Series, Granny Hooks A Crook, was published and I needed to let people know there was a fantastic fun book about an over-the-top Granny and a fictional town called Fuchsia in Minnesota and it was a mystery to boot. The word I heard from other authors

I already had my blog Sprinkled Notes which was created because of my columns in the Albert Lea Tribune, but I wasn't using it much. I didn't know the importance of a blog or quite what to do with it. And it seemed easier to write my books than it did my blog.

Over the last four years, I have added four more books to my Fuchsia, Mn Series. I also started another series called the Brilliant Minnesota Series and the first book in that series, The Penderghast Puzzle Protectors, was published this year. I also have two children's books in The Granny's In Trouble Series, and I still write my column Something About Nothing each week. I have learned the importance of blogs in book promotion and just to vent and give my opinion on various subjects.

One of the best experiences in my career as an author is the bloggers I have met that graciously have authors guest on their blog. I have made many friends this way. When we are a guest on someone's blog, it is much like visiting them in their home. We are respectful of their space and thankful to be there. Sometimes we are interviewed and other times bloggers turn their blog over to us and let us write what our hearts want you to know. They trust we will honor what they have created with their insight.

Have you ever hear of a blog tour? I have traveled and visited many blogs by signing up for a blog tour with Lori Caswell and the Dollycas Tour. When someone told me to join a tour, I was skeptical. I found it is much like traveling in real life. Lori schedules our stops and takes care of all of the details. All we have to do is honor the bloggers wishes on whether they want an interview or a guest post. We take care of what we need on our end; send it to Lori, and she takes care of the itinerary. There are many others out there just like her.

Recently I decided I should separate what I write about because I voice my opinion on many different subjects, so I created a new blog on my website This is where I interview authors; write about my books and writing. My sprinkled notes blog now lends itself to outside subjects including my column and I try and post regularly.

Many think the life of an author is taken up with just the writing process, but there is so much more involved. Promotion takes up almost more time than writing. We hope when people read our books and like them they leave a review on Amazon or Barnes and Noble or wherever our books can be found. Reviews and blog comments help us know what our readers want and whether we are fulfilling that need.

And last but not least we all want you to know that we love our readers and we love to get to know them. It is one of the best rewards for writing.  Join our blogs, read our books or better yet start your own blog and let us know who you are and what you care about.

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