Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Review: To Suit A Suitor by: Paula Kremser

Title: To Suit A Suitor
Author: Paula Kremser
Publisher: Cedar Fort
Pages: 256
Format: e-book ARC
Source: Cedar Fort


Julia North is nearing the end of her third London season and has just been jilted. Again! All she wants is to leave London and its eligible gentlemen behind. When the opportunity to leave for two months comes her way, Julia jumps at the chance. But her mother will only let her leave on the condition that she choose Julia's next suitor, and her mother isn't nearly as picky as Julia would like. Against her better judgment, Julia makes the promise and leaves town, only to run into Henry Chamberlain. Julia is warned that his heart is locked up tight, but she doesn t need to be warned away from him; Julia has been jilted enough to know that his flirtatious smiles can't be taken seriously. With time running out, a change of mind and a change of heart is their only chance for the joy that only true love can bring. 

My Thoughts: 

This book follows Julia North who is trying to find a suitor but after another one falls apart and a letter from a relative needing assistance and Julia jumps at the chance for a break from parties and men leaving her without a proposal insight.

On her way to her relatives house she meets a interesting man who she thinks she'll never see again and is surprised when he shows up at the house she's staying at.  Something about this man really grabs Julia's attention and vice versa.  Everyone warns Julia against Henry Chamberlain because in three years he hasn't picked a bride yet.  Many are positive he won't pick on either.  Will Henry pick a bride?  Will Julia ever find her happily ever after?

I loved this book with the historicalness you don't see much and reading about the ups and downs between Henry and Julia is really interesting.  It was great to travel back to times of balls and men really being men and not consumed with stuff we get consumed with now.  Definitely a great book for historical romance readers!

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