Review: Lowcountry Boneyard by: Susan M. Boyer

by - Thursday, April 30, 2015

Title: Lowcountry Boneyard
Author: Susan M. Boyer
Publisher: Henery Press
Series: Liz Talbot Mystery #3
Pages: 286
Format: NetGalley e-book
Source: Great Escapes Book Tour


Where is Kent Heyward? The twenty-three-year-old heiress from one of Charleston’s oldest families vanished a month ago. When her father hires private investigator Liz Talbot, Liz suspects the most difficult part of her job will be convincing the patriarch his daughter tired of his overbearing nature and left town. That’s what the Charleston Police Department believes. 

But behind the garden walls South of Broad, family secrets pop up like weeds in the azaleas. The neighbors recollect violent arguments between Rivers and her parents. Eccentric twin uncles and a gaggle of cousins covet the family fortune. And the lingering spirit of a Civil-War-era debutante may know something if Colleen, Liz’s dead best friend, can get her to talk.

Liz juggles her case, the partner she’s in love with, and the family she adores. But the closer she gets to what has become of Rivers, the closer Liz dances to her own grave.

My Thoughts:

This book follows the investigation into what happened to Kent Heyward and where is she?  Liz Talbot get called to Kent's parents house to find out what happened to their daughter.  Did she runaway like the police think of was foul play at work?  Do her friends and boyfriend know more than  they are letting on?

This book was full of action and adventure leaving the reader to want to read on to see what happened to Kent will Liz find her before she she winds up in the boneyard herself?  Loved this book and really enjoyed taking the journey that Ms. Boyer sends us on in this fabulous book!

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