Review: Pearls and Poison by: Duffy Brown

by - Friday, April 03, 2015

Title: Pearls and Poison
Author: Duffy Brown
Publisher: Berkley Prime Crime
Series: Consignment Shop Mystery #3
Pages: 304
Format: Nook e-book
Source: Purchase


It’s election time in Savannah, Georgia, and Judge Guillotine Gloria—aka Reagan Summerside’s mom—is neck and neck in the polls with Kip "Scummy” Seymour.  But the already dirty campaign is about to get downright filthy—with one candidate getting buried six feet under….

With her strong opinions and knack for getting into trouble, Reagan is not an ideal volunteer for her mother’s alderman campaign. Plus, she’d rather be running her consignment shop, the Prissy Fox, and eating doughnuts with her dog, Bruce Willis. But when her mother’s opponent, Kip, is found poisoned and her mother is pegged as a suspect, Reagan nominates herself as lead murder investigator.

Reagan is intent on finding Kip’s killer and clearing her mother’s good name, but she soon finds herself on the bad side of Kip’s enemies-turned-suspects. This time, no amount of costumes and makeup can keep her inconspicuous and out of danger. Because the closer Reagan gets to the truth, the hotter things get…. 

My Thoughts: 

With the elections fast approaching for Savannah's alderman the dirty games are beginning and the first stop smearing Gloria Summerside's good name, doesn't help she is known as Judge Guillotine Gloria in court.  Add that to the fact her major opponent is found dead after an altercation with Gloria.  It's up to Reagan, Aunt Kiki, and the very confusing character Walker Boone to help clear Gloria's name.

Also in this book things are heating up between Reagan and Walker Boone but is it Reagan over seeing things or is there something more there?

I love this series so much the characters are incredible and each add something to solving the mystery.  Some just add comic relief but in their own way they are helping Reagan.  I also love Aunt Kiki she is awesome I wish I had an aunt this cool!  I couldn't put this book down and can't wait to read the next book in this fabulous series.  The next book is: 

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