Review: Broken Hearted Ghoul by: Jim and Joyce Lavene

by - Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Title: Broken Hearted Ghoul
Author: Jim and Joyce Lavene
Publisher:  Createspace
Series: Taxi for The Dead Paranormal Mystery #1
Pages: 324
Format: e-book
Source: Great Escapes Book Tours


It's been two years since Skye Mertz agreed to drive Abe's Taxi for the Dead, transporting his zombie workers back to the man who gave them an additional twenty years of life. She's raising her daughter, with the help of her ghostly mother-in-law, and keeps looking for what killed her husband the night she died.

Now she has a partner - a housewife working off her zombie husband's service - and she's met a sorcerer with amnesia. It shouldn't be surprising that a broken hearted ghoul, bent on getting revenge, should show up too. After all, there's no rest for the dead. 

My Thoughts: 

This book follows Skye Mertz her daughter Kate and her mother-in-law as Skye is working a 20 year deal she made with a Zombie Master Abe running Taxi for The Dead they collect people who have been serving Abe and their time is up.  Sometimes they run sometimes they go willingly.  Skye's partner in the taxi service is Debbie who is working off a sentence for her husband so they are teamed together to pick people up.  A lot happens in this book and pretty quickly.

First thing is the appearance of Lucas a sorcerer who has no idea what is happened to him and how he wound up in Skye's presence.  Then there is someone killing of Abe's workers but no one seems to know why?  And Abe seems determined to keep Skye out of it.  When the heat is on Skye and her team of workers seem determined to save Abe even if he doesn't want saving.

I loved reading this book it was a great adventure and spin on Zombie paranormal anything paranormal is probably in this book or mentioned and it's up to Skye, Debbie, Lucas and others to figure out how to save the day.  The story pulls you in and won't let go until the end.  Definitely great for all those Zombie lovers out there!

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