Review: Keep It Real and Grab a Plunger: 25 Tips for Surviving Parenthood by: Julie K. Nelson

by - Friday, May 08, 2015

Title: Keep It Real and Grab a Plunger
Author: Julie K. Nelson
Publisher: Cedar Fort
Pages: 176
Format: e-book ARC
Source: Cedar Fort Book Tours


As a popular blogger, a college professor, and a frequent parenting guest expert on TV, you might suspect Julie K. Nelson is immune to the realities of actual parenting. But in fact, she’s been there—through all the late nights, huge messes, and tough moments. 

Now she combines her expertise with her experience as a mom of five in this entertaining and pragmatic book. Learn how to overcome your natural manipulative, authoritarian tendencies and foster your child’s self-discipline, respect, and emotional maturity. 

Humorous, insightful, and authentic, this book will get you through the sticky stuff with grace so you can enjoy those parenting moments that make it all worth it.

My Thoughts: 

I was offered this book from Cedar Fort and Julie K. Nelson for a honest and fair review.  This book gives tips and suggestions on how to assist with the job of parenting the hardest job many of us have to go through the one that is the most rewarding and heart wrenching.

I enjoyed reading this book and the journey this author takes you on with idea and tips of how to do a better job at parenting with ideas of the way in which we go about raising the kids to go into the world.  To mold them into adults that can raise their own kids.  It was a great story and I think many will benefit from it.

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