Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Title: Scrappy Summer by: Mollie Cox Bryan

Title: Scrappy Summer
Author: Mollie Cox Bryan
Publisher: Kensington
Pages: 60
Series: A Cumberland Creek Mystery
Format: ebook
Source: Purchase


Summer's in full swing, and it's time once again for the Cumberland Creek County Fair Pie Competition. DeeAnn Fields just knows this is her year to finally win with her brilliant apple green chili pie. But after the judges take one bite and spit it back out, ordering DeeAnn to leave at once, she's baffled as to what went wrong. . .until she discovers someone sabotaged her pie.

Banding together to find out who hated DeeAnn enough to ruin her chances of winning, the ladies of the Cumberland Scrapbook Crop scrap their summer plans to get to the bottom of this mystery so that they can return to what they do best--cropping and crafting!

My Thoughts: 

This was cute little who screwed with DeeAnn Fields pie?  She enters her pie into a contest and is devastated when she finds out that someone altered her with cumin instead of cinnamon.  Her friends are quick to find out what is up and solve the mystery using a recreation method having DeeAnn take them through her day of baking the pie and find who put the cumin in the pie. 

Granted it was a small novella but I found it cute.  I got this book with a gift card when I got my new nook so it was definitely worth the .99 purchase and I wasn't disappointed in the least.

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