Editorial: My Plans Oh Me Oh My! What is she thinking?

by - Monday, June 02, 2014

Happy Monday to everyone I know let the groaning commence.  Monday has got to be the most hated day of the week as people go to work and some kids still have school.  Well I was reading other bloggers this weekend and noticed a theme which I am going to jump in on as well.  Reading the t-b-r list that is growing to insane levels.

What do you mean?  You may be asking yourself what the heck am I talking about.  

Like every other blogger out there we find books we want to read so we quickly add it to the coveted to be read list.  Well my list is insane I've got too many books and not enough days in the week to read them.  This happens all year round and it seems to be getting vastly out of control.  I'm sure others have lists just as bad.  So this summer aside from a few book tours 2 in June 2 in July I am going to be focusing on my to be read list because I have the ones from NetGalley I want to read, then there are the reading apps you know which apps you are Barnes and Noble Nook, and Kindle.  All total I would guess about 3,000 books all together then there are books that get sent to me for reviews.  I'm sorry if I haven't gotten to your book yet I'm working on it.

I want to be able at the end of the summer look back and looked at what I have been able to accomplish and be able to do a post about what I've read during the summer with total books and things like that so this summer will be playing catch up, because as many of you may know I got really sick this winter for like 3-4 months sick and really am regretting not being able to pick up a book then.

I also have series, trilogies etc that I would like to finish and put behind me.  Which ones you ask?  Well the Crossed series by Allie Condie, The Goddess Test by Aimee Carter, books like those that I have the books in the trilogy but haven't gotten to them.  This weekend I was able to catch up more with the Iron Fey which was great I swear Julie is the Goddess of Faeries.  I also finished L. Filloon if you haven't read her trilogy you have to check them out they are so similar to Julie Kagawa's series just with Elves and not the Faeries.

So that is my summer agenda what is yours?  Feel free to share yours in the comments section I would love to see where everyone else is in their t-b-r list?  And out of curiosity how many t-b-r's do you have?

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