Review: Thread End by: Amanda Lee

by - Friday, June 13, 2014

Title: Thread End
Author: Amanda Lee
Publisher Signet
Pages: 319
Series: An Embroidery Mystery
Format: Paperback 
Source: Great Escapes Tour


Embroidery shop owner Marcy Singer is about to have the rug pulled out from under her....

Marcy can’t wait to see the new exhibit at the Tallulah Falls museum on antique tapestries and textiles, including beautiful kilim rugs. But her enthusiasm quickly turns to terror when, the day after the exhibition opens, she discovers a dead body behind her store, the Seven-Year Stitch, wrapped up in a most unusual fashion.

The victim appears to be a visiting art professor in town for the exhibit. Did someone decide to teach the professor a lesson, then attempt to sweep the evidence under the rug? Along with her boyfriend, Detective Ted Nash, Marcy must unravel an intricate tapestry of deception to find a desperate killer.

My Thoughts:

In this book we meet shop owner Marcy Singer who is getting ready for an exhibit at the museum with her boyfriend Detective Ted Nash, and their friends.  The cops are on the lookout for a art thief who conveniently meets his demise not long after the exhibit.  Marcy has the unfortunate ability to be the one who found the dead body, and no between Ted, Marcy and their close friends they are determined to find out who killed the victim?  And what did they have to gain by committing murder?

Add to this murder is also a theft in the museum and all fingers are pointing at the curator.  Is the theft related to the murder and what is the connection between this and Mr. Cummings being around who previously had his art stolen by the victim or did he?  This book was incredible with all the mystery described in this book.  What is new to this type of cozy is having a theft and murder which makes people really want to know who's connected.

With the help of George the son of the murder victim Marcy is able to figure out who killed the professor and why he stole a painting.  This book had so much going on it was great!

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