Title: Pressed Pennies by: Steven Manchester

by - Friday, June 27, 2014

Title: Pressed Pennies
Author: Steven Manchester
Publisher: The Story Plant
Pages: 252
Format: Paperback
Source: Author Requested


Rick and Abby grew up together, became best friends, and ultimately fell in love. Circumstance tore them apart in their early teens, though, and they went on to lives less idyllic than they dreamed about in those early days. Rick has had a very successful career, but his marriage flat-lined. Abby has a magical daughter, Paige, but Paige's father nearly destroyed Abby's spirit.

Now fate has thrown Rick and Abby together again. In their early thirties, they are more world-weary than they were as kids. But their relationship still shimmers, and they're hungry to make up for lost time. However, Paige, now nine, is not nearly as enthusiastic. She's very protective of the life she's made with her mother and not open to the duo becoming a trio. Meanwhile, Rick has very little experience dealing with kids and doesn't know how to handle Paige. This leaves Abby caught between the two people who matter the most to her. What happens when the life you've dreamed of remains just inches from your grasp?

PRESSED PENNIES is a nuanced, intensely romantic, deeply heartfelt story of love it its many incarnations, relationships in their many guises, and family in its many meanings. It is the most accomplished and moving novel yet from a truly great storyteller of the heart.

My Thoughts:

In this book we follow two stories that find themselves intertwined in the beginning it's the story about Abby and her daughter Paige as they have left their home to move into a more affordable home.  Abby has just finalized her divorce from her ex-husband Patrick and finding starting over hard and also trying to reassure Paige it will be ok.

Richard has realized his marriage was missing something and since he wasn't able to fix it with his wife, he has realized that he had no option left but to divorce her.  Luckily they didn't have kids to complicate the matter, when he goes to a party hosted by his friends he bumps into a girlfriend from when he was a teenager, Abby.

Abby and Richard try to rekindle what they had but find this is harder with Abby's daughter who is not even giving Richard a fair shake so afraid that he will mess up her relationship with her mom.  How long can Richard stick around with a girl wedging her way in-between him and Abby?

This was a great book, it reminds me so much of why I love Steven's books they remind me of Nicholas Sparks on so many levels.  To see a guy write a great romance and be able to delve into female emotions and angst is great.  He continues to amaze me with the characters he creates and how they find their happily ever after.  This was so good I couldn't put it down for a second!  Definitely a keeper of an author and I'm such a huge fan of his.  As long as he writes books I will be a die hard fan!  Keep up the good work.

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