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Title: Drive Bye by: Amy Saunders & Giveaway

Title: Drive Bye
Author: Amy Saunders
Pages: 174
Series: The Belinda & Bennett Mysteries, Book Three
Format: ebook 
Source: Great Escapes Book Tour


Belinda’s recent blunders have come back to bite her – and Bennett – in the monster cupcake. But they’re not the only ones with problems.
A car crash uncovers the body of an unlikely murder victim. But the more they learn about her, the more the answer to her death seems to lie in issues that reach far beyond Portside.
As the truth comes out, and Belinda’s personal life teeters on the breaking point, she takes life by the maraschino cherries, and finds help in very unexpected places.

My Thoughts:

In this book Bennet and Belinda are having issues as the last case Bennett took the fall for what happened to Belinda and the two are sort of fighting about it.  Also Belinda's grandmother throws an ultimatum at Belinda which has her even reeling more.

In the beginnning of the book is a dead body which seems to be the case with every cozy book.  The victim Elena was found dead at one of the houses she cleans for a living and Belinda gets contacted by a local news reporter to help snoop around to find out what is going on, also with a hint of something about another reason that Bennett retired from the police force then just what Belinda knows.

Upon investigating the situation she learns more about the victim then she knew and about a rash of stolen property being takin from their owners when Belinda catches a burgular in her own house and finds her cameo stolen now Belinda is taking some of the situation seriously.  Who is stealing from people and what do they hope to gain?  And how is this connected to the dead girl Elena?

This book was so much fun with it's ups and downs, and finding out if Belinda and Bennett would stop running in circles around each other and just get on the same page.  I loved this story it had so much going on.  A nosy reporter, a stubborn matriarch grandmother, hidden secrets!  Definitely a great adventure for those who love cozy mysteries!

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