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Review Dangerous Alterations by: Elizabeth Lynn Casey

Title: Dangerous Alterations
Author: Elizabeth Lynn Casey
Publisher: Berkley Prime Crime
Pages: 258
Series Southern Sewing Circle
Format: Paperback
Source: Purchase
Purchase: Barnes & Noble | Amazon


When Tori Sinclair's philandering ex turns up dead, the police chief believes it was murder-and that Tori may have been involved. Now, only the girls from the sewing circle will be able to help keep her life from coming apart at the seams...

When Tori accompanies the circle's fiesty matriarch to the local health clinic, the last person she expects to run into is her ex-fiance's great-aunt. And the old woman is so shocked at seeing Tori that she promply has a heart attack and dies. Now that Tori's philandering ex, Jeff- the man she's vowed to stay clear of- has shown up in Sweet Briar, insinuating he's ready for another shot with Tori...

Then Jeff turns up dead, apparently from a heart attack as well. Except the police chief believes it was murder- and that Tori may have been involved. Now she must rely on her ladies from the sewing circle to help her piece together the clues while she keeps her life from coming apart at the seams...

My Thoughts:

Tori Sinclair has her work cut out for her once again when she takes a friend to the hospital to get chemo therapy she finds her ex-fiance's great aunt there and after she spots Tori she drops dead.  Not long after that Tori's ex appears on the scene wanting Tori back yet again.  Tori definitely doesn't want him back and with Milo out of town getting away from Jeff gets harder and harder.  When Jeff winds up dead and Tori is a prime suspect it's up to Tori to figure out who killed Jeff and why.

This book had lots of twists and turns like Paris giving birth to baby bunnies.  Tori finally deciding what to tell Milo about his proposal. The good old will she say yes or no.  I really enjoying reading this series and visiting these characters to see what they are up to next. Next in this series is:

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