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Review: Body Wave A Text A Nurse Mystery by: R.V Doon

Title: Body Wave
Author: R.V. Doon
Publisher: BRY Publishing
Pages: 218
Series: A-Text-A-Nurse Mystery #1
Format: Kindle ebook
Source: Author Request


Body Wave is a cozy mystery wrapped in a romance.

From the outside, Reece Carson has it all. Inside, she's a squishy mess. She’s just launched a business, Text-A-Nurse, inherited her aunt’s home and modest savings, and has received the nod to write an historical health column for her local Sunday paper. Her aunt’s deathbed confession of covering up a murder has saddened and confused her. Until the confession, she thought her aunt qualified for saint hood. Known for solving mysteries and finding lost things, she’s both scared and motivated to unearth the truth. Then her aunt’s best friend dies, and Reece is first on the scene.

When the police and coroner pronounce the older woman dead by natural causes, Reece disagrees. Using a trusty nursing care plan instead of a murder book as a guide, she unearths more and more clues supporting homicide. When the killer turns on her, Reece learns that secrets fester like disease, and one day they’ll come back and kill you.

My Thoughts: 

Reece is a text a nurse which basically people text her cell phone and she treats them either physically or just with someone to listen to them.  When Reece's aunt Julie winds up dead and begs Reece to investigate a old murder case, it leads to more questions than answers and when another elderly lady Abigail winds up dead Reece has a hard time swallowing what everyone is feeding her.

In this book was such an adventure trying to figure out what happened so long ago on top of the current deaths and why someone is trying to silence Reece.  I felt drawn into the south with this book.  I was sad when it ended as it told a great mystery story with depth and questions swirling through my mind.

Definitely a great cozy mystery!  This book is great for those in the medical profession that are looking for a great cozy mystery with lots of action and adventure!  I also loved with a capital L the relationship between Reece and her sister Heather.  How those two are really connected!
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