Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Book Spotlight by: PB Morlen

In the dawn of a new age, ancient wisdom needs a modern girl.

18-year-old Crystal Blue, a child from the stars, has answered a call to earth so that she may spread her light by opening the door to the new age and closing the door on the old one.
But she doesn’t now this…yet. 
When she discovers an ancient manuscript in the basement of a bookstore buried deep within a box, she inadvertently unleashes a powerful energy which activates the eleventh layer of her DNA, a polarized energy of lightness and dark, harnessing her with unique powers so she can walk between worlds, an ability attained only by masters, shamans, medicine men and women.   
 The Fourth Age is passing away, entering the Fifth: an age where ancient prophesies claimed the world would come to an end.  But it won’t.  Not the way most humans think it will. These are indeed the end of times for century old belief systems and structures, and it might seem like the end is near, but a new world is dawning, transitioning from the old into the new.  The Earth and Mankind are poised on the brink of the greatest compassionate shift in the history of humans… and it’s going to get intense.  
Crystal’s mission, to travel the world and unveil the ancient’s well-guarded secrets—secrets of the divine feminine human—is paramount to a successful transition. But Crystal would rather not go. She’s just found a bit of happiness with the handsome Adam Walker, she loves her new job at the Blue Crystal bookstore, and has just rekindled her relationship with her older sister, Claire.  Only after being saved from a botched kidnapping by a certain green-eyed stranger is Crystal convinced she must go, otherwise Earth and Mankind are certain not to survive the imminent changes ahead.  
It is now up to Crystal, but a dark force that has killed thousands to keep the ancient secrets hidden over the last century now follows her, intent on Crystal’s destruction.

Will she go? Will she harness her gifts? Will she leave the one she loves behind?  

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