Monday, February 4, 2013

The Devil's Due by: Rachel Caine

Title: The Devil's Due
Author: Rachel Caine
Publisher: Harlequin UK
Pages: 297
Series: Red Letter Days #2
Format: ebook ARC
Source: NetGalley


The money Lucia and her new partner received to open their detective agency had come with strings: any assignment delivered via red envelope had to be top priority. No sweat. No one could make Lucia do something she didn't believe in -- right?

Wrong. Lucia soon learned that every choice she made meant life or death for innocent people. No one could be trusted, not even the ex-cop she'd hired -- and fallen for. In fact, Ben might be her fatal weakness, if the powers warring to control the future used him to control Lucia....

My Thoughts: 

Unlike the previous book this one is told from Lucia's point of view and deals with what the Cross Society wants of her, and what they will do to her to get it.

This was crazy with fighting numerous bad guys plus finding out who's out to kill Jazz her partner and who tried to poison the girls with Anthrax.

We also learn more about Ben and his association with the group.  Also his interest in Lucia seems more than just friendly.  I really enjoy this series and glad it's totally different then some of Ms. Caine's other series.  Can't wait to see what is next.
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