Thursday, February 7, 2013

If only these female characters could be my friends!

I came across an article on Writer's Bloq that listed the "Top 10 Fictional Female Friends We'd Like to have as Anything Close to Real-life Friends." It's a great list, but I wasn't completely satisfied with it, so I decided to do my "top 5."

Hermoine Granger - Harry Potter Series
Hermione is actually number one on Writer's Bloq's list. Let's face it: who wouldn't wanna have this cute, hard-working, bookworm, smart girl as their friend? We already saw how loyal she is to her close friends Harry and Ron. We can consult her when in trouble, solve mysteries together and have exciting conversations in our book club. Did I mention we'd also get to hang out with Harry and Ron? She wouldn't keep her best friends apart, right?

Violet Baudelaire - A Series of Unfortunate Events Series
Violet is one of the main characters of a series I'm in love with. She's the oldest of the Baudelaire kids, an inventor. Wouldn't you want to be among the first people to try out her new inventions? She's smart, cute and fun. And just how cool would that be to tell people "my best friend's a Baudelaire?"

Jane Eyre - Jane Eyre by Charlotte Bronte
Jane Eyre is a character I've admired since I was little, since the time I started reading actual novels. She's orphaned as a baby, and although she has a loveless, careless childhood, she starts working as a tutor at Thronfield Hall. She's ambitious and opinionated and values independence. If she were a good friend, maybe I'd get some of her good qualities, which would help me out a lot, really.

Josephine "Jo" - Little Women by Louisa May Alcott
Little Women is THE first novel I've ever read. My mother gave me her copy, which she's had since she was a young girl, and I do remember being at the verge of tears and reading it in one breath. The 4 'little women,' are all different with different strengths. Yet I've always loved Jo. Maybe because I felt close and similar to her due to her being a bit male-ish, always wanted to read and learn while many other girls set out to look for husbands. If she were my friend, we could give the society the middle finger together when it comes to their opinion of what young women should be and should be doing.

Coraline - Coraline by Neil Gaiman
If Coraline was a close friend, I'd make her tell me about her adventures over and over and over again. I'd keep asking her what it's like to come to this world out of Neil Gaiman's pen. She probably would stop answering my phone calls after a while, but the longer she stays a friend, the better for me.

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