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Stuck on Murder by: Lucy Lawrence

Title: Stuck on Murder
Author: Lucy Lawrence
Publisher: Berkley Prime Crime
Pages: 230
Series: A Decoupage Mystery #1
Format: Nook e-book
Source: Barnes and Noble Purchase


In the small New England town of Morse Point, Brenna Miller glosses over her painful past by watching her decoupage students create eye-catching projects out of cutouts, glue, and varnish. But when the mayor's body is found stuffed in a trunk at Morse Point Lake, it's up to Brenna to clear her enigmatic landlord's name of murder-before his fate is signed, sealed and delivered. 

My Thoughts:

When small town Morse Point is rocked when the Mayor is found dead in a trunk at Morse Point Lake and Brenna finds the trunk and drags it to the beach to find out that inside is the Mayor who only days before got in a fight of words with Artist Nate Williams who owns the cabins out on the lake.  Mayor wants nothing better than to redo the area and bring in more money.  Breena and Nate find themselves sort of on the outside as being outsiders as they aren't from Morse Point.

We also learn two things what happened to Breena in Boston, which is so sad in it's own way and what happened to Nate that landed them in small town life.  I really enjoy this book and all it entails and I would definitely put it up there with all the other cozy mysteries I read like:

  1. Joanne Fluke
  2. Krista Davis
  3. Phillip Craig
  4. Elizabeth Lynn Casey
  5. Heather Webber
There are so many more but listing them would be silly and very, very time consuming.   This was a great tale of so many mysteries intertwined.  Who had the most to gain by killing the mayor was it the artist? or a Mob hit?  Or a crazy newspaper owner to boost his circulation?  Or is it the jilted wife who's husband has been stepping out on her?  Or a scorned lover.  I really enjoy this new series and definitely recommend it to mystery lovers!
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