Monday, February 4, 2013

The Devil's Bargain by: Rachel Caine

Title: The Devil's Bargain
Author: Rachel Caine
Publisher: Harlequin UK
Pages: 296
Series: Red Letter Days #1
Format: ebook ARC
Source: NetGalley


"Jazz Callender is an ex-cop struggling to prove her partner's innocence after he is sent to prison for murder, and she's willing to take whatever help comes along ... but she's about to make a bargain with the devil. Approached by a mysterious, attractive stranger with a check and a business offer, she finds herself plunged deep into a world where nothing is as it seems ... not James Borden, Attorney At Law, who fascinates her even as she doubts his honesty ... not Lucia Garza, her beautiful, brilliant new partner with hidden depths and secrets ... not The Cross Society, who seems to be able to know more about the cases she's being sent to investigate than Jazz does herself. With each new revelation, Jazz and Lucia uncover a world of psychic predictions and unseen forces, and find themselves playing not just for keeps, but for souls ... With lives at stake, Jazz finds that every choice she makes is dangerous ... even the one to fall in love.

My Thoughts: 

Jazz is trying to figure how to prove her partner's not a murderer when a lawyer walks into the bar she is drowning her sorrows in, and offers her a red envelope.  Wanting him to disappear which he won't til she opens the envelope.  After an intense fight scene early on she finds out the envelope has alot to offer but is it legit?

While Jazz and Lucia being offered something they both seek a career and for Jazz money to start it and Lucia freedom to make decisions, they decide to take up the offer which at first seems really lame.  Shadowing people, photographing them.  What they don't realize is their real job of saving people.  This book was totally different from her other books but she is incredible with her story of the Cross Society.  I really enjoyed it.
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