Coffee Clutch by: Marshall Thorton Review

by - Friday, October 19, 2012

Title: Coffee Clutch
Author: Marshall Thorton
Publisher: Kindle
Series: Jan Birch Mystery
Format: kindle


In the first Jan Birch mystery, a sixties homemaker maintains a tight circle of friends in her Upstate New York suburban neighborhood. When the divorcée down the street is murdered, the women attribute her death to a hobo they’d seen months before. Quickly, though, Jan begins to suspect that the hobo had left the neighborhood long before and the murderer may be one of her dear friends.

My Review:

While I enjoy mystery books, this one fell flat.  There wasn't alot of development with the characters, you knew basic things about each woman and the murder was predictable the only thing that wasn't was that the murderer wasn't prosecuted.  While I know this was a novella, but I think it could have been stronger in a few areas.

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