Bookmarked For Death by: Lorna Barrett

by - Tuesday, October 09, 2012

Title: Bookmarked For Death
Author: Lorna Barrett
Publisher: Berkley Prime Crime
Pages: 297
Format: ebook
Series: A Booktown Mystery #2


What do a stone book and a stabbed cake have to do with Zoë Carter's death?

Once a struggling town, Stoneham, New Hampshire is now enjoying a renaissance--thanks to booksellers like Tricia Miles, proprietor of Haven’t Got a Clue. It’s a great place to find a good mystery to read--or to solve ….

To celebrate her bookstore’s anniversary, Tricia Miles hosts a book signing for bestselling author Zoë Carter. But the event takes a terrible turn when the author is found dead in the washroom. Before long, both police and reporters are demanding the real story. So far, the author’s obnoxious assistant/niece is the only suspect. And with a sheriff who provides more obstacles than answers, Tricia will have to take matters into her own hands--and read between the lines to solve this mystery….

My Thoughts:

Tricia store Haven't Got A Clue is celebrating it's anniversary and what better way then with a book signing by best seller  Zoë Carter.  People are having a good time minus her grumpy assistant also her niece.  When  Zoë winds up dead in the bathroom and Tricia is out of an apartment and store as it is now a crime scene which has her living with her sister Angelica.

Tricia's co-workers are working temporarily for Angelica until Tricia can open her doors, but in order to do that Tricia has to avoid the press and solve a crime to get her store back.  Neighbors paint  Zoë as anything but a best selling author.  And a hidden secret  Zoë had that is resurfacing, plus the hint of blackmailing, will Tricia recover her store or is it doomed to remain a crime scene?

I loved this book the adventure, the mystery of uncovering all parts of  Zoë who she was, how she came to be a writer and did she write her books or did someone else?, plus the hidden secret from long ago it was great to really spend time with the people of Booktown.  Reminds me of visiting with friends you haven't seen in a while.

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