Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Bookplate Special by: Lorna Barrett

Title: Bookplate Special
Author: Lorna Barrett
Publisher: Berkley Prime Crime
Pages: 310
Format: ebook
Series: A Booktown Mystery #3


Tricia Miles, owner of Haven’t a Clue mystery bookstore, is still settling into Stoneham, New Hampshire, the kind of town where everybody knows your name—and where everyone’s quick to lend a hand, even when murder is afoot . . .

The kinder folks of Stoneham might call Pammy Fredericks a free spirit. The less kind, a freeloading thief. Tricia has put up—and put up with—her uninvited college roommate for weeks. In return, Pammy, has stolen $100, among other things. But the day she’s kicked out, Pammy’s found dead in a dumpster, leaving loads of questions unanswered. Like what was she foraging for? Did her killer want it too? To piece the case together, Tricia will have to dive in head-first.…

My Thoughts: 

Tricia has had it up to her eyes with her college roomate who's crashed with her for over two weeks.  After finding her friend Pammy wrote a check of Tricia's and cashed Tricia has decided enough is enough.  But Pammy isn't going quietly into the night, she creates quite a wake before winding up dead.

Tricia is up to her detective work trying to find out what happened to Pammy who winds up stuffed in one of Angelica's trash cans outside dead.  Was it due to black mail or something more sinister?  Everything leads to Tricia knowing less about her college roomate then she thought she did.  

What a great cozy mystery full of adventure and mystery and a big who did it.  I really enjoy this series and going back to NH with these books.  Keep up the good work Ms. Barrett!

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