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The Devil's Dime by: Bailey Bristol

Title:  The Devil’s Dime
Author: Bailey Bristol
Publisher: Prairie Muse
Pages: 374
Series: The Samaritan Files #1
Source: Author Request for Review


The Samaritan Files Trilogy Book One The Devil's Dime Investigative reporter Jess Pepper made it his life's mission to use his column to expose those who lived on the devil's dime. With his words he could defend the innocent and bring down corruption, one evildoer at a time. But when his column forces an innocent Samaritan into the public eye, and puts a target on his back, Jess must discover not only who wants this good man dead, but how to save the man's daughter, who has captured his heart. Violinist Adelaide Magee came to New York City with little more than a violin tucked beneath her chin and enough determination to launch her dream. Her women's orchestra, the Avalon Strings, was fast becoming the city's hot new item, until reporter Jess Pepper put the one man she loved in deadly peril. Can Addie trust Jess to save this good man? Or will she have to do it herself? Corruption and greed set the scene for this vividly drawn tale of danger, heartbreak, unexpected love and family found in 1890's New York.

My Review: 

First off I love the cover it's so beautiful to say the least.  Oh my gosh what a great book.  The main character is Jess Pepper who writes under From the Salty Mines.  He encounters the beautiful Adelaide Magee when he goes to dinner and she is performing with the Avalon Strings.  He is very smitten with her.  He is also investigating murders that occurred twenty years ago.  Addie connects very slowly with her father Ford Magee who abandoned her  when she was a tot.  He writes a letter to explain his absence and watching her from afar as she grew up.  Within his wife's diary it is discovered that Ford disappeared the same time as the murders were happening leading his wife to wonder if he was stepping out on her.

Jess and Addie put their sleuthing skills to work trying to figure out if he was the murderer or someone stopping the murders.  This book dealt a lot with people related to Addie, and very corrupt police officer, bank owner, and a long lost relative.

I enjoyed taking my time with this book, prior to going into it too much I looked up period clothing and typewriters and cycles, to have a good understanding of what was going on.  It was a great book and I loved the romantic angle.  Can't wait until Bailey Bristol brings us the continuation of this series.
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