Thursday, December 1, 2011

The Cat Who Went Bananas by: Lilian Jackson Braun

Title: The Cat Who Went Bananas
Author: Lilian Jackson Braun
Publisher: Jove
Pages: 304
Series: The Cat Who #27
Format: Kindle


The merry atmosphere in Pickax is dampened by the death of an out-of-town actor and the theft of a rare book. Qwill finds himself distracted from the events by his finicky pal Koko, who's been acting more fishy than feline. Has Koko gone bananas, or is he trying to let the cat out of the bag to solve the dual mysteries?

My Review:

This book has Qwill wondering what is with Polly killing herself between working at the library and bookstore, and why she keeps talking to available bachelors.

Qwill goes a play at the theater house only to learn later that a member of the theater died on the local bridge.  Qwill's doctor has put him on a banana a day diet, in hopes of increasing his health.  Koko seems to be up to some tricks with the bananas.

The Bookstore is coming along quite well.  The name has been settled as The Pirate's Chest, and the shelves are filling up quickly with books.

The Grand Opening goes off without a hitch and in the park is a statue of a cat in memory of the cat that was in the old bookstore Winston.

Not long after a book is stolen from the business down below The Pirate's Chest.  Qwill is working on a new book about a family house that has lasted a long time.  The Hibbard House is not your typical house. He finds the house not to his liking but continues to work on the book knowing it will be published by the K Fund that he had set up when he didn't want all the people to know he was a millionaire, so he used the K Fund and tried to remain quiet about his involvement in it.

Qwill and Polly finally get back to normalcy in their relationship now that the bookstore is all set up, they go back to dinning out, having late night phone calls and listening to great music together.
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