The 58th Keeper by: R.G. Bullet Review

by - Friday, December 16, 2011

Title: The 58th Keeper
Author: R. G. Bullet
Publisher: SilverHouse Books, Inc.
Pages: 402
Source: Pump Up Your Books Promotion


The 58th Keeper is the story of a boy called Archy Bass, who stumbles upon a mysterious and powerful relic. The moment he touches it, two warring forces race to find his whereabouts. One side thinks he’s simply too young and too inexperienced to keep it, and the other just want him dead. Hold on to your seats! The 58th Keeper is a roaring trip that takes the reader on the most wonderful and hair-raising scenes imaginable. R. G. Bullet pulls out all stops in his debut novel to deliver an incredible journey with unforgettable characters. This book will resonate with you for ages past the last line.

My Review:

What a intriguing book, it follows the story of Archy Bass who has been in different foster homes, and his latest one puts him in a private school where he meets Vincent the two form a great friendship.  During the summer Archy is invited with Vincent's family to go to Turkey for a archeological dig.  Where he encounters the 57th keeper who sells him a cheap looking rug.  

From there we learn so much about what the rug it's origins and what he is part of.  Definitely full of adventure, hidden secrets and much more.  Great book for anyone looking for magic and kids. 

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