Friday, December 9, 2011

The Cobra and Scarab by: Glenn Starkey

Title: The Cobra and Scarab: A Novel of Ancient Egypt
Author: Glenn Starkey
Publisher: AbbottPress
Format: e-book
Source: Author Review


"Hidden for centuries by the shifting sands of the desert, scrolls are unearthed by an archeologist who believes his dream of discovering riches has finally come true. But his hopes of returning to England in glory are shattered when a Bedouin reveals that the ancient text does not hold monetary value, but instead shares the unknown truths of the beautiful Egyptian queen Hatshepsut, the treacheries of nobility, and the two men destined from birth to clash with her.

The ambitious Hatshepsut is willing to become Pharaoh at any cost, even when the price must be paid with her body and with murder. Tetimas, rightful heir to the throne, is forced from childhood to watch his kingship stolen from him by Hatshepsut and her sadistic lover, Ashwan. Yet, despite his fears, Tetimas’s fate and Egypt’s power are destined to become one. Haunted by tragedy, Sakkara seeks solace in war, but is willing to risk everything to save his half-brother, the true king.

In this gripping, classic historical tale, the hatred between two strong-willed leaders is about to boil to the surface. As a nation waits for the victor in a momentous struggle for the throne, a hidden history is at last revealed."

My Review:

This was a great book with lots of accurate information about Egypt and an idea of how people did anything just to be Pharaoh.  In the beginning we learn the current Pharaoh is dying and his son is being groomed to take over.  I enjoyed reading the mythology aspects of this book.  Definitely a great read for anyone who loves mythology, Egypt, and reading about Pharaoh's and the power to be one.

For anyone who is a lover of history this is a book for you, if you are not a lover of history, you can still benefit from the exciting way in which the story is presented, and maybe learn a few things along the way
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