Friday, October 15, 2010

Tasteful Books or Dis-tasteful Books?

When you read a mystery are you more drawn to books that are specific like Hannah Swensen or are you more prose to books like the Alex Cross novels that have a bigger following?

Right now as you can tell by the reviews I am reading the Hannah Swensen series, when I was a young teen my aunt got me into the Cat who books which I thought were great good mysteries without the language issue.  As an adult I often wonder why authors feel the need to be crude?  I don't think it sells as well.  Even reading paranormal teen books I notice that the language isn't always the four letter words, so obviously language does weigh in when people purchase books.  I just always wondered if people prefer the crude language or does that make the book less tasteful?  

As a parent of small kids, both girls and a boy I try to find teen books, (when I'm looking for teen books) that are tasteful that I can pass down to my children when they are old enough.  They may like it they may not, but I liked how family members were able to pass books down to me as a kid.

So if anyone has any opinions on my random questions feel free to share your thoughts.  I will respond to any questions people have as well.

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