Friday, October 1, 2010

Annexed by: Sharon Dogar Review

This story follows young Peter van Pels as he was along with his parents forced to go into hiding, in the famous Annex that Anne Frank wrote about in her diary (aka Kitty). While she wrote about the silence that they endured Peter's story is about how he felt. It started out when he went to a friends house Liese and watched as she was carted off to the death camps. Even though Peter was silent in the majority of Anne's story it is interesting to see what he thinks, how God deserted them while in the Annex. How Peter wanted to be a man, to build things out of wood, make love to a girl. How their future was undefined.

The writer did a great job at telling such a sad story. We all know the outcome for the future 8, and that in the end the one left was Otto Frank to tell his daughter's story. How Anne asked Peter "Would anyone ever know about them, or their story?" How a boy who hated Anne Frank so much came in the end to fall in love with her.

I know in this day and age alot of people have trouble still to this day with the what the German's did but if one can read Anne's diary one should definitely try to read Peter's story. It gives you a different spin on what was happening. How he wanted to beat up the German's.

At one point Peter thinks he just wants to be a man, not even saying he's Jewish. In the beginning of the book he went out walking with out his sticker on his sleeve and how people treated him differently. They treated him like he was normal and not Jewish.

Once they were caught the story went beyond the Diary to talk about what it was like in the camps that more than likely Peter survived a long time, 6 months longer than his father and a few days longer than his mother. That when the German's marched him on a death march, to wear his body down hoping he would die. He died at age 19.

This story was very well told, makes you feel bad for those who went hiding but good to know their story was told. I would recommend this story to others. I rate this book 5 cups for anyone who is interested in what happened during this time in history.

This book was sent to me via FSB Media for a honest and fair review

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