The Reckoning by: Kelley Armstrong

by - Friday, August 13, 2010

This is the third book in the series, we find Chloe, Simon, Derek and Tori have been on the run for what seems like forever. They have thought allies are that allies and now it turns out there were just different levels of backstabbing. Chloe and the others are becoming more in control of their super powers. There was a lot more action in this story then the others. Finally certain people are able to get their payback to the Edison Group like Tori, who's mother is a big part of the Edison Group. The boys get reconnected with their father. I really enjoyed this book, and series so far. Showed that the pretty girl didn't have to wind up with the cute boy, and that sometimes not everything is what it seems. And to not underestimate the power of kids.

I can't wait to see what comes next. I rate this 5 cups cause it left me running through the book to see how it ended. Definitely held my attention for great lengths. I totally recommend this book to anyone and everyone. Anyone would be able to connect with any of the main characters.

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