Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Daughters of the New World

My boyfriend knew I was looking for a book I had seen on television back in the late 90's it was made into a miniseries thing.  So he went and found a 1st edition 1st copy of it.  I was so excited when it showed up today.  So here we go:

Title: Daughters of the New World
Author: Susan Richards Shreve
Pages: 471

Amazon Description: Shreve creates four generations of strong, daring, unconventional women who become successful individuals, keepers of the family, and recorders of an age. Anna begins this tale in 1890 when she comes to America from Wales as a servant to one of Washington, D. C.'s wealthy physicians. Her unacceptable marriage to his son finds the couple ostracized and in Wisconsin administering on Bad River Reservation to the Chippewa Indians. But it is Anna's daughter, Amanda, who is the central figure in the novel. She is raised in the wilderness, and goes to Europe during World War I as a photographer. Using photography as her mother had used letters, she captures the world around her and attempts to find her place in it. Amanda and her daughter, Sara, travel through the Dust Bowl and document the plight of the poor. Sara's daughter, Eleanor, shows readers the concerns of the liberal '60s, while her children understand that their great-grandmother's photographs and her mother's letters not only record the family's evolution but also the important events through which they lived. This is a wonderful story that will capture the imagination of young adults.

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