Sunday, August 15, 2010

HON: Chosen by: P.C. Cast & Kristin Cast

This is the third in the series which follows, Zoey, Erik, Erin, Shaunee, Damien and Jack as they are adapting to their time at House of Night. Zoey spends so much time keeping things from her friends, for fear of their safety and acceptance. Erik has a feeling something is up but she keeps reassuring him that is not the case. Zoey also finds common ground with Aphrodite, the girl she had de-throwned in the first book Marked. Who knows Zoey is making mistakes but also knows what it is like to have things you can't tell everyone. Someone is killing the adult vampyre's. Neferet has decide to launch an attack against the humans. Meanwhile Zoey become subject to a nasty affair and imprinting that backfires on her. What she thinks is love is anything but. Crushed and hurt she finds herself with two allies Aphrodite and Stevie Rae. Everyone else has abandoned her due to her choices.

I enjoyed this book, and it felt more real. I really felt bad for Zoey in certain parts of this story. Like they were my friends mad at me. It was really emotional this story. Definitely a great story and series. I think Kristin adds a touch too it by being younger author. To allow the teen angst to be so real, and so painful. I rate this 5 stars as the series goes on I'm more and more hooked and wondering when the bad guy will get theirs. Great job Girls keep it up! You never cease to amaze me.
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