Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Nook Review

While I have had some time I've reviewed the kindle's opponent Barnes and Noble nook.  Now I have both and there are things about the Nook I really like for example it's easier to change the font and size in it.  When reading some books it seems easier on the Nook then the Kindle.  While it looks like the window for the story is smaller, it really isn't we held them up to each other.  The Nook has the ability to do somethings in the lower area then the kindle does.  

You can look at wallpapers, documents, music etc.  Barnes and Noble allows for lending of a book to someone else while Kindle you have to have your friends login info.   Things like that are nice.  And just like Amazon they offer free books to download to your device.  The Nook has a nice on off button at the top to push where the kindle it's a slide button and I don't know how many times I've slid the button and it didn't catch to shut down.  The Nook seems thinner than the kindle which can be nice as well.  Overall they are both fabulous devices, it all falls under personal preference.  I will be doing some reviewing of books from both the Kindle, Nook and Ipad.  And look for my ipad review I will be working on later this week.

My rating for the Nook is 4 stars (would get 5 if it allowed for color, and worked better with pdf books).

My Kindle rating is 4 ( don't like the one and off feature text issues, the width is tad big for me)

What device do you prefer?
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