Friday, August 20, 2010

Cold Lonely Courage

This was sent to my via BOOK VIRTUAL BOOK TOURS for a honest and fair review so here goes:

This book takes place in the world war II era. A young solider is wounded leading to his death. His sister arrives to visit him, and only barely makes it in time for his death. She brings her brother back home, and begins trying to put the tragedy behind her. She spends time working in her parents restaurant. Where German soldiers are over taken Provence, France. One of the soldiers violates her and warns her if anyone finds out death will come to her and her family. She goes to her father for help. Where she is warned if she goes down this road, she will have to train to be a assassin. One she gets revenge over the violation she joins with others who train to kill Germans.

Madeleine Toche finds herself having mixed feelings about Jack Teach the man who has brought her to the training facility. They spend a night with heated passion and agree to meet up when all is said and done. In a world full of fighting they are able to find love among it all. On the flip side of this the ss is trying to figure out who this Angel of Death is who keeps targeting Germans.

This story was great, especially if you are big into action and history. If you are like some people who wish German soldiers had suffered more justice forced on them. And what the female character Madeline went through was very good considering it was a male author writing about her. You could really relate with how she felt.

I rate this book 5 cups as it is a great read, lots of action and makes you feel like a victory is happening when German's meet their end.

This book was written by Soren Paul Petrek who is a practicing trial attorney. He had a passion for studying WWII. He lived in France and England and listened to the stories many told about WWII. This is his debut novel, and was inspired by a young Belgian woman, who helped numerous Jewish Children escape from the Nazi Regime terror. Soren lives with Renee (his wife), and his sons Max and Riley in Minnesota.
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