Monday, June 3, 2019

Review: Sconed to Death by: Lynn Cahoon

Title: Sconed to Death
Author: Lynn Cahoon
Publisher: Kensington
Series: Cat Latimer Mystery #5
Pages: 288
Format: ARC
Source: NetGalley


Cat Latimer pursues a scone-cold killer who iced a top chef in a local bakery . . . 

Cat has a full plate at her Aspen Hills Warm Springs Resort, as a group of aspiring cozy mystery authors arrives for a writers retreat. So when baker Dee Dee Meyer stirs up trouble by filing a false complaint with the health inspector against the B&B--all because she insists Cat's best friend Shauna stole her recipes--Cat marches into the shop to confront her.

But Dee Dee's about to have her own batch of trouble. Greyson Finn--a celebrity chef and, until today, one of Denver's most eligible bachelors--has been found dead in her bakery. Cat's uncle Pete, who happens to be the chief of police, warns her not to engage in any half-baked sleuthing. But as her curiosity rises, Cat's determined to discover who served the chef his just desserts--before the killer takes a powder . . .

My Thoughts: 

Aspen Hills Warm Springs retreat is open again and before they can even open the doors Dee Dee Meyer has come to level accusations at Shauna for some of Shauna's recipes she is working on for a cookbook.  Threatening Shauna with trouble if she uses Dee Dee's recipes.  Cat tries to defuse the situation which only makes it worse.  

Not long after Cat talks to Dee Dee to find some sort of resolution a dead body is found in the bakery owned by Dee Dee.  Who killed Greyson Finn who was a famous chef and looking into opening a restaurant in Aspen Hills?  Could it be Dee Dee hating competition?  Or a family member he was rumored to be tumbling in the sheets with?  Or a girlfriend who was getting fed up with the fellow?

This retreat group was great they are cozy mystery authors which was such a kick to see how they come up with story ideas and how they are all from Chicago and got along great with each other even including the local college kid with them.  

This book doesn't disappoint in the least.  We see the relationship between Shauna, Cat and Seth.  Along with guests staying for the retreat.  They also get to help a guest whose having relationship issues which was great to read about.  Can't wait to see what is next for the writing retreat!

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