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Review: Deco Dames, Demon Rum and Death by: Ellen Mansoor Collier

Title: Deco Dames, Demon Run and Death
Author: Ellen Mansoor Collier
Publisher: Decodame Press
Series: A Jazz Age Mystery #5
Pages: 251
Format: e-book

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When Galveston Gazette society reporter Jazz Cross hears rumors of grave robbers at the Broadway Cemetery, she and photographer Nathan Blaine investigate, hoping to land a scoop. The ambitious young newshawks witness meetings held by clandestine gangs and enlist her beau, Prohibition Agent James Burton, to help capture the hoods red-handed.

Meanwhile, the supernatural craze takes Galveston by storm, and Jazz is assigned to profile the society set’s favorite fortune teller, Madame Farushka. Sightings of a ghost bride haunting the Hotel Galvez intrigue Jazz, who sets up a Ouija board reading and séance with the spiritualist. Did the bride-to-be drown herself—or was she murdered?

Luckily, Sammy Cook, her black-sheep half-brother, has escaped the Downtown Gang and works at the Hollywood Dinner Club, owned by rival Beach Gang leaders. During a booze bust, the Downtown Gang's mob boss, Johnny Jack Nounes, is caught and Jazz worries: will Sammy be forced to testify? 

Worse, when a trial witness is killed, Sammy is framed and Jazz must solve the murder to help clear his name. As the turf war between rival gangs rages on, Jazz relies on her wits and moxie to rescue her brother and pals before the Downtown Gang exacts its revenge.

My Thoughts: 

I love this series it offers so much a look at Galveston's history and how dangerous it was back then.  In this book Jazz and her photographer friend Nathan are found investigating cemetery's trying to find out whose grave robbing.  Which leads to more questions than actual answers.

Also she is looking into a ghost bride haunting the Hotel Galvez.  Lily a guest at the hotel has called on Jazz to investigate the ghost bride and find out what she wants.  Which leads Jazz to a fortune teller.  After seeing her once Jazz is far from sold on the whole fortune telling.  

When a witness is murdered Jazz tries to tell her beau Agent Burton about what is going on but with no corpse it's hard to investigate.  Who killed the witness and why?  Was it a gang over something he might spill or was it a cop whoever it was definitely was hiding something.The big question being what?

This series is great but I think to truly enjoy it you have to back to the first book in the series.  Jazz and Sammie and even Agent Burton have come a long way.  These books bring you back to an era where things were totally different then they are today! 

We also get to see some relationships grow and mature.  Which was nice to see the various couples and what they are up to.  I know if I ever need to go back to Galveston this series will be waiting for me!  Ms. Collier has really hit on something great and is definitely the bees knees for all those who love the 1920's and great mysteries!

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