Friday, June 7, 2019

Book Spotlight: Killer Focus by: Victoria L.K. Williams

Title: Killer Focus
Author: Victoria L.K. Williams
Publisher: Sun, Sand & Stories Publishing LLC
Series: Mrs. Avery's Adventures, #1
Pages: 122

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When Piper was taking photos in town and noticed a small argument occurring she decided to take a picture of it just in case. Little did she know this decision would be what sets her on the path to try and find this man's murderer.

Author Bio:
Cozy Mysteries with a Tropical Twist

Victoria writes what she likes to call Cozy Mysteries with a Tropical Twist. Her series are set in small south Florida towns, with fun characters and a dog/cat or two. She also has one series that is paranormal cozy and the plans for a second. 

Victoria can often be found writing from her south Florida home, looking into her garden, watching the birds and squirrels fight over their next meal, while she writes. Her two cats, Miss Marple, and Fletch, often join her at the desk and each has their assigned spot. Victoria's not sure they are there to supervise her writing or watch the birds.

Victoria and her husband of 35 years share a love of gardening, and together they have written a gardening handbook for Florida gardeners.

The Williams are now empty-nesters, giving  Victoria plenty of time to dream up the next story.
Until then, you can read any of her current titles in the Citrus Beach Mystery series, Sister Station series and Storm Voices series. And Mrs. Avery's Adventures series.

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