Review: The Diva Sweetens The Pie by: Krista Davis

by - Sunday, June 16, 2019

Title: The Diva Sweetens The Pie
Author: Krista Davis
Publisher: Berkley Prime Crime
Series: Domestic Diva #12
Format: Audiobook
Length: 8 hours 51 minutes
Source: Library


In New York Times bestselling author Krista Davis’s new Domestic Diva mystery, Old Town’s annual Pie Festival crumbles into chaos after a celebrity judge is murdered, leaving it up to entertaining maven and sometime-sleuth Sophie Winston to dole out justice . . .

Nothing heats up Old Town quite like the annual Pie Festival, and this year is no exception, especially since Sophie’s professional rival, Natasha Smith, is barred from participating. Sophie, meanwhile, has been asked to oversee the pie eating contest. But the drama really rolls out when celebrity judge, Patsy Lee Presley, host of television’s most popular cooking show, bites the crust during the competition, and Sophie’s friends are suspected of the crime. 

As the folks of Old Town dish, the tough truth about Patsy’s meteoric rise to domestic stardom begins to leak. It turns out that Patsy’s sweet exterior hid a secret sour side, which alienated many of her closest allies, including a jilted ex-husband, a bitter ex-mentor, and a jaded ex-best friend. With the festival falling apart, and her friends in danger of being boxed up for murder, Sophie must cobble together the clues and stop a flakey fiend from serving up any more deadly desserts.

Includes delicious recipes and entertaining tips!

My Thoughts: 

This book follows Sophie Winston and her friends as the get ready for a pie contest.  During the competition a famous cooking show star Patsy Lee Presley winds up falling into a table holding pie's for a competition.  Who killed Patsy Lee and why?  Was it an ex-mentor or ex-husband or an angry friend?  Or someone else entirely?

When a young, child Aly Stokes contacts Sophie and Nina asking for help for her mom whose sitting in jail convicted of a murder.  Did she kill her boss or was it someone else and why?   Will Sophie and Nina be able to save the young girl's mother or is it too late?

When all attention gets brought to Sophie her firends circle her trying to help figure out who killed Patsy Lee and when Alex gets beaten up badly the pressure is on them to prove that Sophie didn't commit any crime.  Will they unflake the murderer or will Sophie wind up in the slammer?

I love the Domestic Diva series.  Ms. Davis really hits on something with her Old Town.  You feel like your with everyone.  The book captures your attention and won't let go until the story is solved!

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