Review: Kelly's Koffee Shop by: Dianne Harman

by - Friday, January 23, 2015

Title: Kelly's Koffee Shop
Author: Dianne Harman
Publisher: Createspace
Pages: 153
Series: A Bay Cozy Mystery #1
Format: e-book
Source: Great Escapes Book Tour


Kelly pulled into the harbor parking lot next to the pier and noticed that Amber’s car wasn’t in its usual place and there was no sign of her. She was usually standing at the door of Kelly’s Koffee Shop, waiting for Kelly to open up. Wonder what that’s all about, she thought.

The local residents of Cedar Bay come to Kelly’s Koffee Shop for breakfast, lunch, and lots of gossip. Kelly serves it all up as she works to solve the murder of the high school Homecoming Queen. The townspeople can’t believe what has happened in their sleepy little Oregon seaside town. She identifies five prime suspects, but which one did it?

Follow Kelly, her boxer dog, Rebel, and her boyfriend, Mike, the county sheriff, as they try to determine who the killer is in a murder that’s shocked the town.

Kelly’s Coffee Shop is a mouth-watering cozy mystery with recipes!

My Thoughts:

This book follows Kelly whose a widower having lost her husband when he was in his thirties, she has raised two kids and is running her Koffee shop in town while dating Mike the local sheriff.   Not long into this book a co-worker of Kelly's winds up missing and turns up at the bottom of the bay.  Kelly and many other residents in town are distraught over the death of a girl loved by many in town.

Kelly and Mike are determined to find out what happened to Amber Cook, was it her boyfriend Brandon Black were they having relationship issues?  Or was it the mysterious Doc in town or the coach at the high school?  Or could it have been her enemy Madison?

With no shortage of suspects Kelly and her trusty sidekick dog Rebel are hot on the trail trying to figure out who killed Amber.  While I enjoyed the story I found somethings that I haven't read in a cozy mystery yet, Mike being the cop divulging alot of information to Kelly that I don't normally see in a cozy mystery.  That struck me as odd not in a bad way just never saw something like that.  

This is a great book for cozy lovers who will fall in love with the town of Cedar Bay and will find themselves eager to see what comes next with this group of characters.

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