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Review: All The Butterflies in the World by: Rodney Jones

Title: All The Butterflies in the World
Author: Rodney Jones
Publisher: Adept Publishing
Pages: 200
Format: ebook
Source: Red Adept Book Tour


Sequel to The Sun, the Moon, and Maybe the TrainsWith her senior year looming, Tess McKinnon has two goals: hanging out with her best friend, Liz, and avoiding her judgmental, alcoholic mother. Then yummy John Bartley arrives—to tell Mrs. McKinnon that her daughter is dead. Distinctly still alive, Tess is baffled by John’s tales of 1800s time travel, rewritten lives, and love. She knows she’s never seen him before, but her feelings refuse to be denied.

When Tess and John discover an aged newspaper clipping that indicates John’s uncle was hanged for Tess’s murder in 1875, John decides to return to his time to save his uncle’s life, but when Tess checks the article after John’s departure, she is horrified to discover that John has been hanged instead.

Armed with determination and modern ingenuity, Tess must abandon her past and risk her future for a chance to catch her own killer and find her first love for the second time. 

My Thoughts:

This book picked up where the previous book left off with John face to face with Tess, this one was written in two viewpoints John's and Tess's in this one John has to explain everthing that happened to Tess in 1875 and after finding out his uncle is in trouble decides to go back.

Tess keeps an eye on what is happening in 1875 but can't settle with what is happening and decides after doing a few things to settle some scores in 1875, but she knows when she goes she won't return.  
This book was great with realizing that living in 2009 won't work with Tess and John they go about fixing the damage that was created in the first book.  Tess realizes that the only way they can work is if Tess goes to 1875 and stays there.

It's a great story for those who love time travel stories or movies like The Butterfly Effect.  It pulls you in and you find you can't put it down until you know how it plays out I enjoyed it especially the ending!!

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