Review: Feta Attraction by: Susannah Hardy & Giveaway

by - Saturday, January 03, 2015

Title: Feta Attraction
Author: Susannah Hardy
Publisher: Berkley Prime Crime
Series: A Greek To Me Mystery #1
Pages: 285
Format: Paperback
Source: Great Escapes Book Tour


The first mystery in a new series overflowing with Greek flavor... 

Georgie Nikolopatos manages the Bonaparte House, a Greek restaurant and historic landmark in beautiful upstate New York rumored to possess ghosts and hidden treasure. But when her husband disappears and her main competitor is found dead, it’s up to Georgie to solve a big fat Greek murder.

With her husband, Spiro, inexplicably gone for days, Georgie has her hands full running the restaurant and dealing with the crew of the TV show Ghost Squad, called in by Spiro to inspect the house for haunting. So when she has a chance to take a boating excursion on the St. Lawrence River with her friend Keith Morgan, she jumps on it. But their idyll is quickly ruined when they discover the body of rival restaurant owner Domenic “Big Dom” DiTomasso floating in the water.

When the police start asking questions, it doesn’t help that Spiro can’t be found—and with Georgie on their suspect list, it’s up to her to find her missing husband and find out who killed Big Dom before someone else’s order is up.

Includes delicious Greek recipes!

My Thoughts:

In this new series we follow Georgie, Sophie and Spiro.  Georgie's husband Spiro is missing and Georgie begins to wonder if he's left her for good, but without a clue of where he is Georgie does her best to convince his mother Sophie that Spiro is just off doing whatever and that he will return. 

Sophie finds herself warding off Big Dom's offer to buy her restaurant but is there more going on then meets the eye?  Also Georgie is dealing with a ghost hunting group who are investigating the house and restaurant as Spiro contacted them prior to taking off.

As their lives continue the body of 'Big Dom' appears in the cove on the St. Lawrence River and he is as dead as they come.  Who had it out for 'Big Dom' and where is Spiro?

This book offered alot a budding relationship between Sophie and Keith Morgan which leads you to wonder where that will lead?  Spiro's relationship with a local Ink tattoo artist, and of course what secrets lay with Sophie that no one knows about?  Of course the biggest mystery of alll Where is Spiro?

I enjoyed reading this series with all the various people in town, and how they all are connected to either Sophie, Spiro and Georgie it is definitely a recipe for success!  I loved this adventure especially between the land adventures and the water adventures it was tons of fun to unravel this mystery with Georgie can't wait to see what Ms. Hardy comes up with next!!

Giveaway Time: 

Now is the fun part I have one copy of this book to giveaway to my fabulous bloggie friends.  This giveaway is open to USA residents only.  To win a copy of this great book all you have to do is two things:
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