Monday, November 5, 2012

The Pumpkin Muffin Murder by: Livia J. Washburn

Title: The Pumpkin Muffin Murder
Author: Livia J. Washburn
Publisher: NAL Trade
Pages: 304
Format: ebook
Series: A Fresh-Baked Mystery #5


Phyllis loves to spend quality time with her grandson. She'll be taking him to a festival with hopes of winning the baking contest-now that her friendly competitor, Carolyn, is judging and not competing. But when a decorative scarecrow is actually a dead body in disguise, it's Phyllis's sleuthing skills that are needed. The dead body is that of the festival's organizer- and his wife, Carolyn's friend, falls under suspicion. Carolyn turns to Phyllis for help, because who's better at dishing out some justice than a baker extraordinaire who can handle the heat...

My Thoughts: 
Phyllis is spending her Thanksgiving taking care of her grandson Bobby who has an ear infection.  Her son Mike and his wife Sarah are in California spending Sarah's father's last days with his daughter.  Back in Texas Phyllis is getting ready for an anual Harvest Festival and preparing her pumpkin muffins for a contest.  

Dana and Logan are a teacher and real estate agent in town.  Logan is well known in town and Dana thinks he is out having an affair and after a heated fight Logan is no where to be found.  That is until the next day he appears as a scarecrow dead.  It's up to Phyllis to find out what is going on.  Armed with her friends and grandson she is out to prove that Dana had nothing to do with Logan's death regardless of what the police think especially Detective Largo who is adamant that Dana killed him.  But who is the real murderer?

This was a great cozy murder for the holiday season. What a great adventure with the ups and downs and wondering who committed the murder when all roads lead to Dana.  I really enjoyed this series. Which is what I'm doing besides the book tours but I'm focusing on holiday themed books.  So if anyone has an title's I should check out please feel free to leave me a comment with the titles.

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