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A Kiss For Emily by: J.P. Galuska & Giveaway

Title: A Kiss For Emily
Author: J.P. Galuska
Publisher: CreateSpace
Pages: 372
Series: Emily Stokes Series #1
Format: ebook
Source: Full Moon Bites Book Tour


Emily didn't know that falling in love would place her smack-dab in the middle of a dicey game called deception. Or wake up one morning, shortly thereafter, wondering if she'd actually lost her mind! A KISS FOR EMILY is a thrilling YA paranormal romance, where discovering the paranormal is exciting for the reader, but life-threatening for Emily Stokes, the 17-yr. old high school student from Kansas.

 My Thoughts:

This was great and definitely not your typical teen angst book.  First we meet Emily Stokes who just wants her first kiss and wants to hook up with Alex someone she has known forever. Emily gives him many chances to ask her to the prom, but this falls short and I felt reading this part that Alex just wasn't for her.

 Alex has a dark side dealing with his father's suicide he buries himself deep in drug use and totally making a fool of himself. Emily and her family move which puts Kat and Emily in a country type setting, while Kat likes the change and seems to thrive on the new setting, Emily is devastated loosing all her friends.  She covers this up with playing her guitar and going for a walk in the woods of her new house where she meets Sam Easley who is full of mystery.

Sam finds himself falling for the city girl, they spend days planting radishes and talking about life.  The first thing apparent is Sam's speech is more older time in history, calling Emily Miss Emily.  Emily finds herself wanting more answers about Sam's evasiveness.  Sam tells her stories about his parents and his sister.

As Emily tries to piece Sam's story together she finds herself loosing her mind or what she knows as right or wrong.Emily's parents try to intervene which lands Emily in a psych ward of a hospital where Emily winds up almost comatose on medication, which leads her parents to take her home realizing that Emily isn't crazy.This book was full of so much adventure and action I loved it.  Can't wait to see what is next in store for Emily and Sam!

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I'm so excited to be here today! Thanks for having me...I hope to see you for the next book :)

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