Friday, November 30, 2012

The Girl in the Wall by: Daphne Benedis-Grab Review

Title: The Girl in the Wall
Author: Daphne Benedis Grab
Publisher: Merit Press
Pages: 256
Format: Paperback
Source: FSB Media


Ariel's birthday weekend looks to be the event of the season, with a private concert by rock star Hudson Winters on the grounds of her family's east coast estate, and all of Ariel's elite prep school friends in attendance. The only person who's dreading the party is Sera, Ariel's former best friend, whose father is forcing her to go. Sera has been the school pariah since she betrayed Ariel, and she now avoids Ariel and their former friends. Thrown together, Ariel and Sera can agree on one thing: this could be one very long night.

They have no idea just how right they are. 

Only moments after the concert begins and the lights go down, thugs open fire on parents and schoolmates alike, in a plot against Ariel's father that quickly spins out of control. As the entire party is taken hostage, the girls are forced apart. Ariel escapes into the hidden tunnels in the family mansion, where she and Sera played as children. Only Sera, who forges an unlikely alliance with Hudson Winters, knows where her friend could be. As the industrial terrorist plot unravels and the death toll climbs, Ariel and Sera must recall the sisterhood that once sustained them as they try to save themselves and each other on the longest night of their lives.

My Thoughts: 

This book was sent to me via FSB Media for a honest and fair review the opinions expressed here are mine and mine alone. No monetary compensation was made for this review.

I loved this book we first meet Sera who's having a hard time when here ex-bestfriend Ariel is having a birthday party and her father is forcing her to go.  The relationship between Ariel and Sera was damaged about a year ago when something traumatic happened to Ariel in Mexico and Sera being a best friend did what she thought was right out of love for Ariel.  Unfortunatly Ariel doesn't see it that way and has turned Sera into an outcast at their school.

As the birthday party and concert are getting underway men with guns have kidnapped the kids having killed Ariel's father and new best friend who could easily be a twin to Ariel.  Ariel scared escaped into the walls of the house where tunnels are hidden away.  Ariel manages to get a few 'agents' to assist her Nico the gardener for Ariel's father is assisting her and getting Sera to assist along with rockstar Hudson Winters who assists with coming up with a plan to survive the night.

This book was amazing and I felt myself getting dragged in quickly and quite the page turner.  What a great book glad I was able to review it!
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Shannon said...

The Girl in the Wall sounds good-I had seen it on another blog recently with a good review. :)

My favorite this week was Sean Griswold's Head and The Abduction of Mary Rose.