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A Fatal Feast by: Jessica Fletcher & Donald Bain

Title: A Fatal Feast
Author: Jessica Fletcher & Donald Bain
Publisher: Penquin Group
Pages: 288
Series: Murder She Wrote #32


The newest novel in the "USA Today" bestselling series finds Jessica Fletcher cooking up a heartwarming holiday dinner and a fresh serving of trouble. Jessica Fletcher would like nothing more than to sit back and relax as Thanksgiving comes to Cabot Cove. But this year, she's already got more on her plate than she can handle.

Jessica is suffering from a rare case of writer's block, and the deadline for her new novel is fast approaching. Also, her friend, Scotland Yard Inspector George Sutherland, is coming from London to experience the American holiday. But most distressing of all, Jessica is hosting a bountiful Thanksgiving dinner for a guest list that is growing by the day.

Jessica carries on toward her culinary conquest, and she couldn't be more thankful about the results. Until she and George take a post-turkey stroll and stumble upon the body of a man with a carving knife stuck in his chest.

My Thoughts:

Jessica Fletcher is getting ready for the holiday season with a visit with Scotland Yard Inspector George Sutherland her dear friend.  She is also dealing with a horrible case of writer's block in her latest novel due in December to her publisher.

She also starts receiving mysterious letters in the mail that have a single letter on a piece of paper. Some are from Cabot Cove, some from Pennsylvania and some from Ohio.  Jessica is still trying to figure out what they mean.

When one of Jessica's dinner guests Mr. Billups winds up murdered Jessica and George find themselves investigating the murder and learning more about the quiet Mr. Billups, and who would want to murder him.

There are definitely some questionable characters in this book from the mysterious Mr. Billups, to her friends new boyfriend who seems to be hiding something.  Then there are the regular friends we get to check in on Sheriff Metzger, Seth Hazlitt, various shop owners that have been mentioned in other books.

I really enjoy this series the fun of what happens in small towns.  I love reading about Jessica and what she is up to now it's like checking in with a old friend.
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